The Scavengers

Living in a bunker just outside Ruindom, this eccentric group of tanks has been defending the town from mysterious "ghost" teams for a while now. To fend off the regular attackers and scare away raiders, they have created a maze of tank wrecks around and inside the town. The original reason why they did this however was that there was no more space inside their bunker for the wrecks.   Their intention was to prevent the ghosts from turning the fallen into new ghosts, which works pretty well so far. The Scavengers have been able to defeat all ghost teams that showed up at their town in the past.   They are led by a dummy tank who goes by the name Winston and seems to give them orders.


Winston is their formal leader, but decisions are made democratically.


Other than their "army" of wrecks which they use for spare parts, their bunker is cluttered to the roof with all sorts of "loot" that Angler keeps collecting. Most of it is actually just random junk, but his teammates tolerate it because every once in a while, he finds something very valuable.

Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
Notable Members


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