A mysterious tank who leads the Ruindom Scavengers by means unknown.
  Winston is named after the human Winston Churchill (though he is not a Churchill tank). Unlike most leaders, he is not a tank made of armour plates, but a couple of sewn together pieces of fabric on top of a rack. From afar, he looks almost convincingly like his counterpart, the Sherman tank.   His teammates call him a great tactician and wise, experienced leader. He lives in their bunker, but is said to occasionally take walks around the town outside. According to Angler, the Scavengers sometimes have to retrieve him when he wanders off too far by accident. How he moves is not well known, but he is seldom seen in the same spot for a long time - in the large bunker that the Scavengers inhabit, he can be found in different rooms every time one seeks him.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Very wobbly on his painted on tracks. Poking him, while satisfying to do, is discouraged because he easily tears. Perhaps the most peculiar feature about him is that he has an actual engine, which appears to run on actual fuel.

Physical quirks

Winston can't talk, but he is capable of making gestures with his cannon. At least this is what the Ruindom Scavengers claim. No one except them has ever seen him do this.

Medium Tanks
Current Residence
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Scavengers
Known Languages

Character Portrait image: by Dr.Eisenhauer28
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OMGoodness I love the artwork. That header reminds me of a combination of a cardboard cutout, claymation and a video game. Love Winston's entry---and I see you made the art to reflect that he isn't made of metal.   Totally intrigued. Loved it!

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I'm glad you like him!! :D I made the header with Blender/Unity using my own models.

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