Aerie Castle

Also known as "Ayrie Castle", "Fort Aire", or "Burg Airie".   This ancient fortification marks the historical border between the North and the West, which has shifted more towards the West nowadays, leaving the fortress entirely inside the North. It had lost its strategic value long ago and slowly decayed into a ruin over the decades.   As The Legion started taking the North, it claimed Aerie Castle as an outpost to defend their territory against the teams and clans coming from the West.   The walls have been restored and reinforced, the surrounding area deforested. The inside of the fortress was completely renovated and adapted for housing several units.   Its location allows guards to spot threats and visitors from kilometers away and is also a convenient layover for units on the way to raiding the West.   Teams not part of the Legion have steered clear of it for a long time, so no one knows the exact number or composition of units stationed there. The only team that camps nearby has stories of a monstrosity that lives deep in the castle's belly to tell.


The old stone walls were reinforced with steel and spikes; tank traps surround the fortress. It has only one big gate.


Encased within its tall walls, Aerie Castle contains a main building and several smaller hangars.


Historical parts of the fortress - leftovers of medieval times - are contrasted with its rebuilt, modern elements, resulting in a wildly cobbled together aesthetic.


Surrounded by hills and sitting on top of the highest one of the area. What once was forests is now bald meadows. The Rhine is nearby.

Outpost / Base
Location under
The North
Owning Organization
The Legion


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