The Legion

ATTENTION! This article contains spoilers for The Tanking League: Armageddon. Proceed at your own discretion.
  A powerful clan which calls itself an army. They have claimed the territories of the North and are advancing southward, driving out or assimilating all the teams they found there. Among the teams fleeing from them, they are known as invincible, thought to have an endless number of emotionless, perfect soldiers. Only few know what they actually are or what their agenda is, the only widely known thing about the Legion are horrifying tales from survivors and observers.   "Revived" machines - tanks with no will of their own, brought back after their death - make up their main force. They're called Doppelgangers or similar names. The rest of the members are sentient generals, command tanks, mechanics, and planes. Some higher ranking units feature additional sentient machines apart from the command tanks.   Fighting the Legion is practically impossible with conventional tactics. The radio waves used for communication between the command tanks and their remote-controlled soldiers are so strong and voluminous that they block out any other radio communication, thus making a team's main means of coordination useless.   Any defeated team is either terminated or added to the Legion's ranks. They don't take prisoners and leave no survivors apart from the ones that pledge allegiance to them. Once one is part of the Legion, trying to leave it means death. Traitors are hunted down and executed, and even being suspected of turning into a traitor may get one into serious trouble. There may be rare cases where one of its members escaped, but officially, they don't exist.


The hierarchy is as follows:
  • one leader
  • small number of Generals
  • numerous Command Tanks in charge of units
  • horde of regular and revived soldiers.
Their forces are divided into companies, each led by a general. The companies consist of several units that operate with relative autonomy. The units have a hierarchy, which is denoted by their unit number - lower numbers mean a higher rank. For example, the general's unit has the number 1. Most of the time, the ranking is irrelevant in practice, but the chain of command has to be adhered to; a command tank of a higher ranking unit could theoretically seize command of a lower ranking one.

Public Agenda



Founded by the Northener who calls himself Armageddon. He is said to have come from the Far Lands, and no one knows for sure what he did there before he arrived in the North.   Once there, he gathered allies - his newly founded clan grew and flourished, not only because of his strong members but also because he was accompanied by a genius TRV who had developed a method that can turn dead tanks into remote-controlled soldiers.   In the beginning, this method was crude and still in need of further development, but the promises of reviving their dead allies made many tanks join him as Command Tanks.   Unbeknownst to the rest of the Known World, their influence grew, and before anyone saw it coming, they have taken over a big portion of the North and the South. What had been rumours and campfire stories before was suddenly reality.   The surrounding clans - those he didn't defeat yet, that is - are watching these developments with reactions ranging from indifferent to critical, but so far no alliances have been made to keep the Legion in check.

Legion Emblem

Geopolitical, Clan
Alternative Names
Ghosts, Wiedergängers, Doppelgangers, Gangers
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
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