Armageddon's Demon

Known far and wide, although few of his enemies have seen him and lived to speak of him at the campfires in hushed tones. Saying his name brings bad luck.   He is said to be extraordinarily powerful and brutal. Some survivors claim that he appears out of nowhere, alone, and wipes out whole teams singlehandedly, others report that he leads a team of devils.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Battle-worn armour. Black camo paint.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Once a Leopard 1, he was found by Armageddon after being defeated in a battle. His wife Osiris died during the battle, but Armageddon promised to revive her if Nosferatu joined his team.   Two years later, Nosferatu had become a Leopard 2, Armageddon's closest friend, and the highest ranking general of the team that had become a clan.   Osiris however hasn't been cured, but Nosferatu hasn't given up hope yet. He is bound to Armageddon for as long as this hope lasts.


Contacts & Relations

Not very fond of Graverobber.

Social Aptitude

Actually a very polite and humble tank, but reserved and isn't close to anyone except Armageddon.

Main Battle Tanks
Currently Held Titles
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Legion
Known Languages
English, German


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