"Your world begins and ends within your trivial struggles. There are things far beyond your horizon."

The M4A1, a tank unlike any other found in The Known World. He showed up one day and founded a clan, which is now taking over the North.   His supporters and subordinates will tell many different things about his nature, but most commonly they agree that he is a patient, assertive tank. It seems like very few things - or nothing, even - can anger him. But this really only leads to him being feared, because one can't help but suspect that if he does get furious, his wrath will be horrible.   Even though it is known among the clan people where he lives, it's hard to actually get to him, which is why even most clan members only know him from hearsay.   It is said that no one can defeat him, that he is the strongest tank in the world. Indeed in all the battles he has participated so far, he was never even close to losing. Even when his comrades fell, he handled the enemies on his own and got out of it with mere scratches. He keeps souvenirs of the ones who posed a challenge and lets the ones he is most impressed with live on as his allies.

Physical Description

Body Features

Dark olive green camo with white stripes. Wears the Legion's insignia.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nothing is known about his past before he founded his clan. Some say he came from the Far Lands. There are also rumours that he used to be a Matchmaker.

Present Day

Nowadays, he barely participates in battles anymore and mostly deals with the logistics and time-consuming duty of coordinating his clan's advances. So far, it was always sufficient to send his generals to take care of any problem that his units couldn't solve on their own.

Intellectual Characteristics

Appears to be highly intelligent. Can come up with plans on the fly and outsmarts most of his enemies.

Personality Characteristics


People don't know what goals he really pursues. His orders are clear: Conquer the known world. But his reasons are a mystery. Besides that, he claims to have good intentions. It is necessary to kill other vehicles in order to survive, but he gives back something to the survivors.   His clan people follow him for their own various reasons. Some of them are simply power-hungry or think they could lead their team better if everyone did exactly what they say. Others prefer the mindless shadows of their former teammates to losing them entirely, and hope for the day that the procedure to bring them back for real will be perfected.


Contacts & Relations

Considers Nosferatu a good friend - one of the few tanks he trusts at least a little bit. He is also fond of his chief TRV Graverobber, but knows that this feeling is returned in a rather ambivalent way.


Calm, deep voice.

Current Location
Armageddon's Camp
Main Battle Tanks
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Leader of the Legion
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Legion
Known Languages
English, ???

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