Built inmidst of the ruins of the "actual" town Falun, this trading post is in a convenient location for travellers and traders. It's generally a calm place - not a lot of activity throughout the day. The ghost town surrounds it, desaturated colours of the debris matching the humble style of the buildings here. They are built from the available materials of the area; wood and brick.   At night, the streets are dark. According to old legends, the town burnt down almost completely a very long time ago. Considering that the majority of the buildings are very flammable nowadays, lighting fires is forbidden at all times of the day and year to prevent a similar catastrophe.


Tanks and trucks, essentially the merchants and their "beasts of burden". A few guards, but the post is seldom under attack.


Falun does not have electricity, as there are no functional industrial complexes nearby.


Most of the new buildings are either small huts or just booths that the merchants use to present their goods. Some of the buildings are vacant, depending on the time of the year - they may not have an owner at all or their owner is currently doing business somewhere else.   It is an unwritten rule of the place that if a building is not used for a year, it is assumed that the owner died and the building is given to a new owner.   While some of the merchants don't also live here, others - a lot of them - do have garages or tents in Falun and have made it their residence. This also includes some vehicles who don't sell anything and simply have settled down for other reasons.


Outpost / Base
~ 80
Location under
Far Lands
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