Uncommon in other places but frequently seen in the Far Lands, these vehicles are essentially mailmen. They are called the postiljoner and deliver messages and letters to recipients in the whole region.   While in other regions, dedicated radiomen do this job, the lack of a proper radio network in the Far Lands has produced this profession. Their task is an important one - most trade relations and inter-team relations are processed through their services.   They are generally independent and don't serve any clan or team. During their travels, they may either frequent a certain area or the whole region. Some form unions to connect the services of different areas.



A postiljon is required to be trustworthy - they also deliver private or confidental messages. Though they can be chatterboxes (after all, they hear and see a lot on their travels), they generally very strictly stick to keeping secrets.   To become one is easy - just paint the insignia on yourself, acquire some spacious bags, and prepare to spend the rest of your life on the road. There's always a demand for new postiljoner, since despite their protected status they tend to fall victim to environmental hazards or get shot by accident. A lot of them also simply quit their job at some point, since the lifestyle isn't for everyone.

Payment & Reimbursement

They usually don't take special payment - they only ask for rations for their next travel, and replacements for any parts they may have broken on the way.


Social Status

It is considered unethical to kill a postiljon. To prevent being mistaken for "regular" travellers, they wear a bright red insignia that is easy to spot from far away. They are always welcome at campfires.


Usually, tanks do this job. But among the few planes that live in the Far Lands, this occupation is highly popular. In fact, almost all planes in this region are postiljoner. They are well-adapted to this role, since they are able to deliver important messages much faster than ground vehicles. This gives them a certain degree of protection compared to planes in other regions - they are seen as useful and tolerated.



A postiljon can be easily recognized by their large messenger bags. They use these to transport either physical letters or several objects that are given to them to deliver. When there's an especially high demand, the tanks can also be seen pulling little carts full of more bags and goods.
Public Services
They never run out of work; there are always messages to deliver.
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