The continent belongs to the Free Teams, but parts of it are occupied by a big clan that is looking for oil deposits there. The clan believes that there are huge oil deposits hidden in the depths, but their search hasn't amounted to anything so far.  

New Perth

Built a few kilometers away from the derelict city Perth, this huge camp built by the clan people serves as a hub for incoming and outgoing shipments. It features a busy harbour and is surrounded by high walls that keep the roaming teams outside. Its population fluctuates at around 1500 tanks.  

Prospectors' Camp

This camp is controlled by the clan. Like the other clan-controlled prospector camps, its purpose is to guard the giant drills that are used to search for oil deposits. Whenever the search in one place is unsuccessful, the camp moves on to a different place.  

Other Points of Interest

Spread all across the inhabited parts of the continent, the clan built trading posts where free teams can buy parts and fuel in exchange for services and spare parts. These trading posts usually aren't raided since they are guarded by high tier tanks.


  • Map of Australia

    It was never a thriving land, but after it was abandoned as a clan territory, a mass panic made everyone who could leave the continent. Now, Australia is a barren wasteland with no known signs of machine life.

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