Located in the South, at the border to the North, this area could probably be called the last country in the Known World. It has existed throughout the apocalypses, maintained by the clan that occupies it and is hellbent on keeping it.   Not many outsiders have seen these lands from the inside, but those who did describe them as partly "alright" and partly "inhospitable, not worth invading". The latter refers to the mountainous areas, which make up most of the territory. Especially in winter, those become almost impossible to navigate for machines. The clan people living here have adjusted to these harsh conditions.  


An example of these adjustments is an extensive system of guideposts and extremely detailed maps that prevent the inhabitants from getting lost. The most important roads are well-maintained, even in winter. Additionally, in certain spots, the clan people have hidden rations which their guards and travellers can use.   Despite their emphasis on independence and neutrality, the Swiss are, to a certain degree, dependent on trade. While they can produce electricity themselves with their abundance of hydroelectric power plants, they lack an important resource: oil.   They acquire said oil by producing high quality technical parts like stabilizers and radios and selling them for fuel at nearby trading posts.
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It can't be ruled out that at least part of the land's reputation - being inhospitable and generally undesirable to live in - stems from rumours spread by its inhabitants. After all, that makes it unattractive to those considering raiding or even occupying it.

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