i’m the only motherfucker in this city who can handle me and all my sexy correct opinions
  Command tank and chief of Unit 37-42. A KV-1 equipped with a co-axial flamethrower (thus, technically a KV-8) that he uses occasionally; most of the time he doesn't carry any flame fuel with him, however - a lesson learned after a lethal accident his predecessor had. That accident was what enabled Snare to become the new chief, since he was deemed the most able substitute.   Unlike a lot of the other tanks of his unit, he enjoys the "privilege" of having a functioning main armament apart from his flamethrower. His frame was large enough to fit both weapons and a separate tank for the flame fuel.  

Ideology & Attitude

He values uncritical obedience and won't think twice about issuing draconic punishments for "troublemakers". Devout to the Legion and its values - he believes in the "final peace" that they promise. For him, it's an honor to be serving under Inferno's command. In his opinion, his unit should be grateful for serving this great visionary.   Erratic in his moods and often arbitrary in his decisions. It's easy to piss him off, even though he's not the type to explode about it, rather he goes quiet and orders your execution under his breath.   Snare doesn't have any friends, but doesn't really need them, either. He tries to keep on good terms with his officers, though the main reason for that is that he's constantly paranoid about them deciding to get rid of him; he feels like they didn't fully accept him yet as the new chief.
Current Location
~3 NW
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, Russian


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