The Falkendorf Team

This free team lived in a town called Falkendorf for a long time.   Their members had changed over time - old tanks died or left, new tanks took their place. Only very few of the founding members were still part of it.
The queue moved on. The T29 rolled forward slowly, contemplating his answer.   The Falkendorf Team’s victories were never easy. There had been times when he, too, had believed they were — when every battle had been a novelty, every enemy tank had been a stranger, and every victory had been intoxicating.   “At least back then, people still knew what an ‘easy’ victory looks like,” he eventually grouched.
— The Tanking League, Chapter 3
  As time went by, the team became vain because of their many victories, but its members were slowly drifting apart in terms of goals and ideals. All of the members realized this, but instead of trying to fix their issues, they kept arguing and started resenting each other - even though none of them were willing to openly admit how dysfunctional they were as a team.  
He didn’t like to admit it, because by all means it shouldn’t be that way, but lately he always half-expected shells to start flying whenever the team started disagreeing on something. Their habit to think of themselves as a functional team despite this fact only attested further to their hubris.
— The Tanking League, Chapter 7
  Eventually, the team's GW Panther - pushed over the edge by the the Tanking League being given temporary shelter - started a bloody revolt.   This revolt was the end of the Falkendorf Team.


No leader; all team members are equal - at least in theory.


  • Falkendorf City Center
    A map of the town center.
Geopolitical, Tribe


AMX 13-75

As she reached the end of the little square yet again, her hull swung around another time. She didn’t seem to notice that she almost ran over the AMX 13-75 in her blind spot in the process. Not even his little yelp as he quickly got out of the way caught her attention.


An SPG was a suitable target for Axis' gun — after all, it would be difficult for him to kill something like a T29 on the first try. An SPG who was an unsuspecting teammate, though … Was his gun suitable for that, as well?


"I never thought my teammates would try to kill ME," sobs tank who agreed to Teammates Killing Each Other


"The plan was to not suffer heavy losses, which worked well, actually... until we did suffer heavy losses."


"As your teammate, I swore to respect and protect you. But I'll tell you one thing right now, and I'll only tell you once. If it wasn't for this oath, I would not hesitate."


"Eject is … really knowledgeable," she said after a few moments of pensive silence.
Rex had still been looking at her, but now turned towards Fox.
"I don't know, is he?" he asked the King Tiger in a casual tone.
"Maybe so," Fox replied in the same tone.

GW Panther

An SPG's hardships inspire anger
only in those capable of seeing
the big picture!
But a teammate becoming the enemy...
That's a very straightforward


“Don’t you think …” he said slowly, suddenly feeling like he was tiptoeing around a minefield, “… that we’re blowing things a little out of proportion?”


Eject nodded.
“Why waste your time on practising your aim when you can waste your money on a miracle cure, right?” he sighed.


"I'll be going on vacation."


The good old bashin' some heads in.


Resting in the Central Square, there was the T34 — a massive brick of distrust, staring down on the Hellcat with unkind optics.


“Spare me …” Nordic interrupted him, slurring the words. The Indien-Panzer fell silent for a moment. He was about to reply something, but Nordic went on. “… the weltschmerz.”


«We don’t know,» Rex replied.
«Though twenty shells say —» Fox added, but was interrupted by Sky.
«I told you already that he’s not dead!» she barked.
«You can’t prove it,» Rex said stubbornly.


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