Free Teams

Larger than Platoons, but smaller than Clans, the Free Teams are a catch-all term for organizations of machines that usually consist of about 10 to 20 vehicles (and sometimes more).   Typical hierarchical structures in teams are a number of equals led by one or multiple leaders, completely equal members, or sorts of democratic systems.   Teams try to hold bases or roam the no-man's-land, steering clear of the clan territories unless there is an absolute necessity to enter them. Common locations chosen for their camps are towns or areas surrounding landmarks. Many teams however choose more hidden places, but it's always ones that offer a good view of their surroundings to enable them to spot enemies from far away.   To mark their bases, confident and strong teams can often be seen drawing warnings or symbols that resemble flags on trees and rocks. Some teams put the number of a radio frequency as well, to indicate that anyone entering their territory should announce themselves on said frequency first.  
Tree Markings
  Alliances between teams are not unusual, although mistrust between teams is the norm and generally it's every team for themselves.


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