AMX 13-75

“Can you leave us alone for a moment?” Axis asked him.
The AMX looked like he was about to yell ‘NO’, but luckily left anyway, despite glaring the whole time.
“Jeez. Never met anyone that clingy,” Axis sighed.
“Like a growth,” the Panther said.
Somewhat the runt of the litter of the Falkendorf Team, this guy is mostly tolerated by the others because he does a decent job at being a light tank. His attitude, however means that he doesn't really have any friends in the team - he tends to think of his teammates as idiots that aren't as smart and skilled as himself, and people sense that even if he doesn't outright say it.   An exception is the team's GW Panther, who has a very special place in the AMX's heart and that's not a secret, either. He can be found wherever she is, even if she doesn't appreciate it. Always agreeing with her and defending her when she becomes the target of her team's scorn, the light tank seems to be downright obsessed with her. She doesn't reciprocate this obsession, but has been known to exploit it - the AMX either doesn't realize it or is simply too infatuated with her to let that deter him.   No one really knows why he is so attached to the Panther in particular, but it has been like that ever since the two of them joined the team. Some teammates have the theory that he keeps chasing her because he thinks she will someday stop treating him like anything but a nuisance.  
The G.W. Panther’s train of thought got interrupted as she sensed that she wasn’t alone anymore. Well, it had taken him long enough.
“You can come out. I know that you’re here,” she said without turning around. A certain French light tentatively left the shadow of the castle’s walls, driving up to her but keeping a respectful distance.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, but she knew very well that he wasn’t.

In the Tanking League

When the returning Fox and Rex show up with a starving team in tow, the AMX immediately shares the GW Panther's opinion that they are harming the Falkendorf Team by this action. In an attempt to demonstrate his deep loyalty and devotion to the Panther, the AMX suggests they should start a mutiny. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he never thought the suggestion through, and also didn't really expect her to take it as seriously as she does.
Current Residence
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7 Feb, 2021 16:26

Awwh, to be a light tank amongst heavy hitters. Such a sweet article./


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Heh, glad you like it!

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Oh dear. This is a relationship situation I have seen before.   I want to know more about this mutiny effort. Sounds like fun shenanigans in progress.

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Well the shenanigans actually weren't THAT fun for everyone, but you can read all about that in the The Tanking League (Intro) story! :D

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Definitely bookmarking that to read when I get a moment. Thanks!

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You're welcome! I hope you'll enjoy!

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Hmm, I've never imagined a world where tanks are alive and have feelings! Fascinating thought, and very creative. Nicely done! I might have to check out more of this world later.

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I'm glad you like the concept! :D Feel free to take a look around and let me know if you have any questions!

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