Light Tanks

Highly agile, highly active tanks. Their thought process is quick and they are able to learn quickly, whereas other classes may be more stuck in their acquired behaviour patterns. The downside to their fast thinking is their noticeable quirk of talking too fast or getting impatient with others who don't share their hyperactive minds. Sluggish or lazy light tanks are basically unheard of.   Very social individuals, light tanks live for their teams and teammates, and wither away when alone or isolated. They are teamplayers by nature, although like any other class, they are very capable of acting selfishly - especially when it's down to saving their own tailpipe.   Their role as scouts and skirmishers is important but in some situations very niche - many environments keep them from doing "their job" properly. In such cases, light tanks are merely cannon fodder.   Teams often keep low tier light tanks as members, as they are easier to maintain and replace than high tier lights. Of course they do prefer higher tier ones, but due to the wasteful handling of them, the light tanks tend not to live long and seldomly reach higher tiers in the first place.   The average number of light tanks is one or two per team, although some teams don't have any at all among their ranks.

Basic Information


Like the name says, most light tanks are lightly built, with thin armour and powerful engines.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Their engines are usually quite efficient and don't consume a lot of fuel.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Light tanks are especially suitable to be scouts because of their high alertness and attentiveness.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

A very common name is "Blitz". You'll probably come across a Blitz in every other team.

very short
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