"This is like playing chess with someone who doesn’t know the rules. They’re just moving their pieces and hope for the best!"

Eohelm is the talented strategist of the team. He is patient and friendly, and likes to hear people's stories. Has a great interest in history because he tries to learn from past battles.   He considers Pepper a good friend. They are quite the opposites; Eohelm is patient and level-headed - he thinks first and acts later, whereas Pepper is more temperamental and tends to act first and think afterwards. Despite being so different, they get along well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After escaping Northern Africa and the fighting there, Eohelm joined the Falkendorf team after some more conflicts and a lot of wandering around. After his team cannibalized itself, he stayed with the Tanking League instead.

Morality & Philosophy

Always tries to stay optimistic, even when things are heading south rapidly. Even when his own optimism fades, he tries to keep up the morale of his teammates.

"We only came close to dying six or seven times, which I thought was pretty good."

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

Addicted to music, and gets very distressed when he can't listen to it for whatever reason.


Family Ties

Has a cousin: Whisper, the T21. Eohelm never told anyone what became of him.

Social Aptitude

Gregarious and loves to be around other people. Will always have an open ear for others' troubles and offer advice.  

"At least back then, people still knew what an 'easy' victory looks like," Eject grouched.   Eohelm chuckled.   «Well, if you think my strategy sucked, just tell me outright.»
  Well liked.

Master Strategist
Medium Tanks
North Africa
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Falkendorf Team
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Nickname Eo


Author's Notes


24. 09. 2018: Added quotes.

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14 Mar, 2018 18:41

"WE ONLY CAME CLOSE TO DYING SIX OR SEVEN TIMES, WHICH I THOUGHT WAS PRETTY GOOD." I love Eohelm. He seems like a really nice guy, just trying to keep everyone's spirits up. I hope he's never without music often. Is there any particular reason he gets so distressed without it or no (or is it a secret)?

15 Mar, 2018 20:04

I'm glad you like him! :D The story behind his love for music is partly a secret, but it has to do with his cousin. Whisper always listened to recordings of his favourite songs during battles. They made him feel connected to what he felt was his home. After his death, Eohelm collected all the songs and listens to them a lot in memory of his cousin.

15 Mar, 2018 22:01

Aww man, poor both of them. That's kind of sweet, though!

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