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A Leopard who has been part of the Falkendorf Team for a while, but is also part of a clan. Usually, he is with his team, but every once in a while, he travels to his clan's territory for upgrades or participating in its battles.  

“Is it a particularly powerful one?”   “… It’s got a stabiliser.”   Eject’s reply was a flat “… Ah.”   “You should have seen how he detonated when his clan lost their last battle,” Fox went on, “because he messed up a vital shot. People were afraid to talk to him for a while.”   Eject nodded.   “Why waste your time on practising your aim when you can waste your money on a miracle cure, right?” he sighed.   “Gets ‘em every time.”
— Eject and Fox discuss Pepper's new cannon

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

At the time of his appearance in the Tanking League, his frame was only recently upgraded. Due to spending time in the clan territories, his armour is still in a very good condition at that point, with the camo paint also being freshly applied.

Personality Characteristics


Pepper wants to be the best at everything he does, and beats himself up terribly over failures. His motivation behind this is his strong loyal nature, which makes him want to protect and support his friends and clan/teammates - he goes to great lengths, and gets upset even when others try to console him about mess-ups on his part.   No matter how much his allies will tell him that it's not his fault that they lost the battle, he will still blame himself if he can pinpoint even the slightest fault in his actions.


Contacts & Relations

It's no coincidence that his clan is allied with the clans of Rex and Fox. They got to know each other through their clans, which was also the reason how Pepper came into contact with the Falkendorf Team in the first place - most people assume that he joined the team because of the two heavies.   After recent events, Pepper's clan fell victim to infighting and split up into two separate clans. He is now a member of one of those factions, which wears the insignia of a wolf's head.


Hot-headed and will lose his temper quickly. He is prone to snap at people when he is in a poor mood (but will usually feel very sorry about this). If he dislikes someone, he gets guarded and shows little patience, or even outright hostility.

Chaotic Good
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Falkendorf Team
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Pepper & his team He hasn't been happy with the Falkendorf Team's state for a long time. Especially certain members like the GW Panther, he can't stand at all; he blames her and some of the other teammates for the bad atmosphere.

He has gotten into heated arguments with them before. The team's general opinion of him is not the most positive one because of this habit of starting fights, despite his feverish devotion to its good.

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