"The good old bashin' some heads in!"

(a.k.a. Mikoyan)

A lot of heavy tanks don't fit their stereotype of being simple-minded killing machines. This guy does fit it perfectly. What he lacks in brains, he makes up for with literal tons of armour - as Sky has to find out first-hand during the battle for Falkendorf.   This T-150 has bolted additional armour plates to his hull and turret, which is his way of dealing with enemies that have grown more dangerous to him over time. It seems to work for him. He usually comes out of his battles with mere scratches.  
"Holy shit. You were right about his armour..."
-"Luckily he doesn't have much else going for him..."
  Unfortunately, all his efforts to improve his frame haven't done anything to improve his mind; on occasion, T-150 gets himself into trouble by not thinking his actions through. Most of the time, this trouble can be solved with his armour and/or gun, though.
Aligned Organization
In fact, the tank's additional armour makes him very front-heavy. This is noticable in the fact that when standing or driving normally, his hull "leans" forward a bit.


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