“He’s spying on people again!”

A charming and smooth tank, who is pretty decent at gaining others' trust and has a way with words. He likes to act in the background, keeping to the shadows and listening in on interesting conversations. Sometimes too curious for his own good.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nothing is known about what Nordic did before he joined the Falkendorf Team. He has been a part of it for a while and saw its demise coming long before the others did, but was powerless to stop it.   He accidentally got involved in the GW Panther's plans to start a mutiny and tried to persuade her to ditch the idea, but was unsuccessful.  

Don’t you think … that we’re blowing things a little out of proportion?
  Before the battle even started, he betrayed her, which she didn't take kindly to when she eventually found out.

Intellectual Characteristics

Smart and quick-witted, but not smart enough to keep himself out of trouble.


Contacts & Relations

Well-liked by half of the Falkendorf Team, but the others have varying opinions of him. He keeps good relations with the other two tank destroyers of his team, basing their friendship on their same tank type. Nordic doesn't really have very genuine feelings of affection towards these two, but he sees the benefit of their allegiance.

Tank Destroyers
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
The Falkendorf Team
Other Affiliations
Known Languages


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