Tank Destroyers

You are the Stalker - When you hunt, your prey won't know it's in your crosshairs until you deal the killing blow. With your mobility and stealth, you are never far from the action, but always out of reach. Your enemy looks the other way for a moment, and you'll have become their shadow.
You are the Predator - To you, the only true way to hunt is a pitiless hounding. There's no need to sneak around - the wolf does not fear the sheep. You'll make sure your quarry knows you're coming for it, and then it better runs faster than your shells.
The Tank Destroyer's Creed
  Tank Destroyers (short: TDs) come in many shapes.   Some are invisible assassins - too elusive for their designated victims to even spot them before their swift demise, others tough brawlers that rival heavy tanks in terms of firepower and armour.   Tank destroyers tend to have a more feral mindset than other classes - many are cunning killers who don't know mercy or empathy. Their world is clearly divided into allies and prey. After all, a tank destroyer's only purpose is to hunt other vehicles relentlessly, and they have adapted excellently to that role. They strike fear into their enemies and a single skilled TD can easily turn the tide of a battle.   Some of them may be fragile, but they usually make up for it with agility and ability to perfectly camouflage themselves.

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