Falkendorf Battle

“Don’t you think … that we’re blowing things a little out of proportion?”

As a certain SPG gets fed up, she decides to take a head for an eye, and in the process causes her team's downfall and own demise. A handful of tanks are eager to join her, if not for her cause's sake. The others struggle to prevent the bloodshed, but ultimately fail.  
“Intentionally harming your team is treason,” she explained. “That’s what they’re doing. Therefore, they are traitors, and we should treat them as such.” Her expression grew dark, but in a sinister way. “Them, and the little pests they brought with them …”

  “Treat them as such …?” Nordic asked hurriedly. Excluding them from the team was one thing, but what she was suggesting now exceeded that by far. “But didn’t you say we’d kick them? Traitors are —”

  “— killed,” the GW Panther purred.
- The Tanking League, Chapter 9

The Conflict


In search for fuel, the Tanking League arrived in the town together with Rex and Fox and was allowed to enter, but not everyone was happy with the decision. The GW Panther in particular was mad about it.   She started making a plan for a mutiny. Nordic listened in, but was discovered and forced to help her. With the help of Nordic, the GW Panther planned a revolt in a flailing attempt to change something about the situation of the Falkendorf Team; in reality, she was mostly unsatisfied with her own situation. An injured pride coupled with delusions of grandeur led her to believe that her teammates didn't value her as much as she deserved.   Travelling southward, the Pack found themselves near Falkendorf. They caught the patrolling AMX 13-75 during the night, but let him go after interrogating him. He fled and the Pack decided to give the town a visit.


Eohelm's group members took positions around the garage spaces. The GW Panther's group gathered in the garage spaces, while she herself had gone to the town's hill, together with the Indien-Panzer, who was guarding her.


The entire fight took place in Falkendorf's town center.


Light rain. The sun was rising while the battle took place.

The Engagement

The GW Panther's group attacked in the early morning. They were surprised by the fact that Eohelm's group had known about their plan and taken different positions. In the initial confusion, Axis was killed and the GW Panther's groupmates scattered.   While the others tried to take care of the traitors, Nordic took it upon himself to find the GW Panther on the hill and take her out. He was stopped and heavily wounded by the Indien-Panzer, who had changed sides during the night. Eject went to go save Nordic and ran into the fleeing Indien-Panzer, who regretted his deed.   Suddenly, the Pack appeared and killed the Indien-Panzer, tried to kill Eject also. They had already killed the T34 and were hunting down the GW Panther, but Siren got killed when he drove past the almost unconscious Nordic. The tank destroyers retreated, but Fang didn't make it. He was trapped in the town.   In the meantime, the other traitors had been killed. The GW Panther realized she had no one left on her side and surrendered. This concluded the fight.


The GW Panther's group was killed in its entirety and the GW Panther herself executed. Tate surrendered and joined the Tanking League in exchange for them leaving Fang alive. The AMX 13-75 returned after the battle, but was chased away by the survivors.


Destruction of the Falkendorf Team. The tanks that were left of it had to join the Tanking League and look for a new home.

Historical Significance


Falkendorf was abandoned and its fate is unknown.

Conflict Type
Start Date
80 W, Fall, 6:00 AM
Ending Date
80 W, Fall, 6:30 AM
Conflict Result
Pyrrhic victory for Eohelm's group

After the battle, Pepper returned from the clan wars obliviously. The Falkendorf Team's suriving members suggested to travel to Ruindom, since their team used to have allies there.


Eohelm's Group

Led by


Eohelm, Eject, Rex, Fox, Nordic, Sky


Nordic was heavily wounded.


Stop the battle from becoming a slaughter.
GW Panther's Group

Led by


GW Panther, T34, Indien-Panzer, Challenger, Axis, T-150


All of them.


Kill their teammates.
Tate's Pack

Led by


Tate, Fang, Siren




Take advantage of the ongoing battle.


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