"I never wanted things to end like this."

(a.k.a. Kiebitz)

A good soul, which unfortunately is not a very advantageous quality to have when your team is full of arguing backstabbers. Indien-Panzer saw a better world for everyone, and fooled himself into believing that his teammate the GW Panther shared this vision when she started planning a mutiny.   He never really got along with anyone of his team, not for the lack of trying. The others kind of sneer at his blatant idealism and only tolerate his presence because he is a decent fighter and generally doesn't cause any trouble.   He would go on sappy rants about how unfair the world is to its inhabitants and its inhabitants to each other, if anyone would let him.  
“Spare me …” Nordic interrupted him, slurring the words. The Indien-Panzer fell silent for a moment. He was about to reply something, but Nordic went on. “… the weltschmerz.”
Gender Identity
Aligned Organization
Despite the model designation, he is not actually from India. He gets that question a lot, though no one ever bothered asking him for his past beyond that.


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