Typical Day

Every team and clan is different, but there are things a lot of them have in common. This article focuses mostly on teams, since clan people's days tend to be less eventful.  


Vehicles usually wake up at sunrise, but they can also wake up sooner at will. The team members have breakfast. Morning is also the time for a change of guards. The night guard (or guards) returns, and the new guard for the day is assigned. The night guard then refuels and catches up on sleep. Often, morning time is when scouts get sent out.  


Routine tasks like cleaning duty and maintenance are taken care of. Scouts tend to return sometime during this time of the day and strategic discussions are held based on what they report. A team may decide on doing a raid at this point. If the matter is urgent, they make preparations and leave right away. Otherwise, they may wait until the next morning. If the team plans on leaving their camp, this is a convenient time.  


Usually this time of the day is spent resting or engaging in training and social activities if the team isn't on the road. Team members may roam the surrounding areas. If the scouts didn't find anything worthwhile earlier, they may go on another scouting run. Battles in the afternoon are avoided if not necessary though, as they could take a long time and nightfall may interfere with the fighting.  


Travelling teams start looking for a good place to camp for the night. Night guards get assigned. Stationary teams make sure everyone else has returned from their daytime activities.  


Sleep time. Teams rarely travel or fight by night if they don't have to.

Note: The cover image is symbolic. Boomboxes like the one pictured do not exist in the Hummelverse.
Since vehicles in clans usually don't have to take care of things like scouting and guard duty due to living in "safe" areas, boredom tends to arise. To fix this, there are several ways of entertainment that would alienate any vehicle living outside the territories.   An example would be tank races or biathlon-like contests where competitors can win prizes and fame. These can be activities inside the boundaries of a single clan, or hosted for allied clans.


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