Fletcher's Cruel Fate

On the southern coast of the West, a few days' travel from the famous Fuel Bar, one can find the former territory of a clan whose name is forgotten nowadays. Its legacy are a handful of former outposts that have been turned into trading posts and camps for free tanks. Among those settlements, one is more popular than the others.   The settlement is called Tow by its inhabitants and functions as a market as well as a resting place for travellers. Despite being located right next to the sea, it does not have a functional harbor, but a good portion of it is built upon a steel platform that protrudes into the shore. Its popularity mostly stems from its unusual history.  
"See that big pile of metal over there? That's what powers this town."
"A generator?"
"Yeah, but a very special one. See the writing on its side?"
"Yep. That's the name of the ship it used to be."
  Most towns with electricity either get it from other towns or have their own generator - this town has its very own generator as well, but it was built from a battleship. This ship's name is Fletcher, a name that is well-known in the surrounding area. The ship's generator and engines have been disconnected from its AI core, and are now used to generate electricity for Tow. A lot of its steel has been cut from the hull and repurposed, leaving it rather disfigured and not immediately recognizable.   The ship is still fully conscious. Like its name, it is also well-known why it suffered this fate.   The events leading up to the disbandment of the clan that used to rule this area are mostly unknown; Fletcher, who was part of it, hasn't talked to anyone in a very long time. But local folklore remembers well that he turned his weapons on his clanmates during a rebellion of the ships. As this rebellion was put down, Fletcher didn't manage to flee and was turned into the generator he is today.
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Despite the clan Fletcher was part of not existing anymore, no one has made any efforts to return him to his original state. Most tanks are content with him being a cautionary tale for other ships.   While some feel that the punishment of being a sentient generator for all eternity is too harsh, those few don't have the means to restore his body - such would require a huge amount of steel and the technical knowledge of how to reconnect the severed AI core.   ...and Unusual
There are no other known cases of ships being turned into stationary generators. It does require a rather large coordinated effort and is considered severe even for this sort of misbehaviour, so delinquent ships usually face other sorts of punishment.


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