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Livastia is a branch-off of the timeline of our own Earth where a breakthrough in the advancement of artificial intelligence was made much sooner - around the early 90's - by a company called CoreAegis. In their work, they managed to create an AI not only capable of reaching human intelligence, but in some aspects surpassing it.   They intended to create a series of caregiver robots with this newfound technology, but as the world entered into a new world war, immense societal and moral pressure caused them to turn towards military applications with the goal of minimizing human casualty.   This worked well... for the first few years, but in the ever-ongoing debate of nature vs nurture - at least in this case - nature triumphed, and the war was ended. Not by strategic superiority, but by the loss of desire of its pawns to perpetuate bloodshed.   Today, my main goal with Livastia as a concept is to go into detail about how these "Livastian Military AI," or MAI go about their day-to-day lives in a world that no longer needs them as the war machines they were built to be, and where they're allowed to live as the individuals their programmers desired in the first place.