"If some enemies show up, she'll just fly away. What's with the sudden concern for her wellbeing?"

During their travels, the Tanking League found a plane with a broken wing. Despite protest, Sky allowed Goggles into her team.   While the plane had her uses for the team, she also caused inconvenience. It was also hard for her to connect to the tanks, and she became an outsider.   Unfortunately for her, she ended up running away at the beginning of a battle when she was facing a Spitfire plane. Even though she returned, she was considered a traitor by the majority of her teammates. They allowed her to leave alive, but Sky disagreed and took Goggles back into her team. Certain tanks didn't want to accept this and soon after lynched the plane.   When approached, Goggles usually acted snarky, and leery. Sticking to herself most of the time, she didn't have much in common with her tank teammates - but also little interest in changing that. She never got the chance to open up more.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Yellow stripes on her wings.

Specialized Equipment

Twin 37mm cannons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

No one ever really bothered to learn about her past. Her life before she joined the Tanking League was rough as well. After a forbidden affair with a King Tiger of her old team and things escalating to the point of teamkill, she was trying to survive on her own.


Religious Views

Believed in reincarnation.
Gender Identity
Known Languages
German, English

Cover image: by stuka-goggles


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