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The Society

The Society is a secret assassins' guild that was started by , known only to the guild as The All. They carry out high-profile espionage, sabotage, and assassination missions for exorbitant amounts of money, and they are
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Mr. Perelli's
means of influencing the political landscape for his and his associates' benefit.   Because it operates in secret, The Society is only known by name by a select few, but their influence is felt by all in the upper echelons of society.


The head of the organization is known as The All. Just underneath The All is the The Few; a group of seven leaders who are the only ones to know the true identity of The All. The true identities of the The Few are unknown to most of the guild, or even each other, but they control the guild at the behest of The All by issuing orders, voting on policy, and inducting new members.   The rest of the organization, known as The Many, is tiered by colors corresponding to the value of the rupee. Green members are the foot-soldiers who get the lowest paying and less glamorous jobs and tend to die easily, whereas the gold members are the best of the best. If a gold member is sent out, you can rest assured that whatever the problem is, it will be taken care of swiftly and discreetly.   In order to go up in rank from green to blue, you must have successfully killed a target without getting caught. Blue members can obtain red status by killing five targets, or successfully completing 12 non-kill missions. From red to purple, 12 confirmed kills or 30 missions. Purple to silver: 25 kills and 50 missions. Gold? 50 confirmed kills and 100 missions, plus a special recommendation to The Few from another gold member.

Public Agenda

The main goal of The Society is to influence the political and financial landscape in The All's favor. While the grunts are mostly in it for the money and social networking, they all understand that their benefactor will quickly turn into their executioner if they do not do all that they can towards this single objective. By helping The All reach goals, The Few hope to be rewarded with wealth and political clout when The All's new world order comes to fruition.


The Society was first established by
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Mr. Perelli
in 1 E.A., just before the Champion rose from his slumber.
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Mr. Perelli
, being forever ambitious, sensed the changing tides in the political landscape and wanted to stay ahead of the curve, so he created The Society for that sole purpose. In the beginning, the group consisted of just three ex-members of the Yiga Clan and two members of the Sheikah Warriors. While they were few in number, they were great in skill for their initial purpose.  
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Mr. Perelli
recognized that the first step to control was to ensure that there was something to control in the first place, so The Society's first order of business was to ensure Calamity Ganon's defeat by helping the Champion in any way that they could from the shadows. This included keeping the Yiga Clan off of his back, as well as dragging his unconscious body out of harm's way to recover whenever he fell in battle.   When the Champion defeated Calamity Ganon, and it was time for him and Princess Zelda to rebuilt Hyrule,
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Mr. Perelli
was right there in the foreground with his business while expanding The Society in the background. When the ex-members of the Yiga Clan established their home in Guardian Village,
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immediately set about convincing the villagers to join his organization and by 15 E.C., The Society had swelled in size from five members to around 200.

"The good of The All is the good of The Many"

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
Known by others as simply "The Assassins"
The All, The Few, The Many
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