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Glaide is a professional criminal organization known by its multiple robberies all around the galaxy, as the Robbery of Bank Plaza . It was probably founded by Dul Mertok. They are fearless and so is what people think. They leave fear and darkness wherever they go.


Dul Mertok is the head of the organization. He is the only one making decisions and the one that leads the team and the veteran.


The creation date is unknown, as also as many of their old and actual members. At the start, no one knew who they were, but it all changed with the Robbery of Bank Plaza.   The Bank Plaza is a huge casino in Loo, the capital of Luft which suffered a robbery that never got solved, as every single person that read the first report had disappeared in the next week mysteriously. The case was closed temporarily by Amil Durke, a known Judge from Overt. A week later from closing the case, she received 500 Corenses from a mysterious organization, who called themselves "Glaide". No one said nothing about it officially, but the name Glaide started to spread as well as the story.   After that, the case never got opened again, and Glaide became famous and feared, as the rumor of the robbery extended as a mith, a lengendary mith. The mith evolved as a story of 3 people that entered a big casino and left with more than 10.000 Corenses without anyone noticing until a week later.


None, as the only HQ they've had was located in the deserts of Yaith was destroyed. Their HQ is unknown, but probably is located in a ship.

Technological Level

They have a high scientific levels, as they designed a very powerful weapon themselves; The Gla-103, as all its variants.  
  Also, they were the first ones that used Crystal Blades, a new type of weapon that resembled a dagger, but had a blade that could go though a thick block of solid Dakkor and cut it. Its blade had a characteristic shiny blue color.  

Icha Klemi (The trusted ones)

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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