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Overt is the capital of Almoir (planet), one of the planets that make The Core and once a military industrialized core of The Empire. It was known because of its massive dockyards and orbital refueling stations used in The Colonies Revolution. Also, it has beautiful designed buildings, which were built after the end of the war because of its multiples rebel bombardments, who tried to stop the building of big capital ships.


Humans are the most common species, as they cover more than 90% of the stable population.


After the destruction that the city suffered after The Colonies Revolution, it was decided that the already existent Atmospheric guns were here to stay, as they were covered, hidden and repaired in order to prevent any possible future attacks or even illegal ships trying to dock.


As Overt is one of the most used trade hubs on The Core, it has a fast growing economy and low interest rates, making it a perfect location for trading and even gambling, even though its not common.


Overt once was one of the main administrative centers of The Empire. It was known all around the galaxy by its massive dockyards, which were responsable for the construction of some Type H Battlecruisers used for troop deployment during The Colonies Revolution. These dockyards are still functioning today, but the ships that they produce cover a different market than before. Some of them are owned by luxury yachts companies, as Plasmatic; or civilian travel companies, as Jump; or even military aircraft, as Aerial, but none of them can compare to the massive Battlecruisers that once were made by The Empire

Owning Organization
The Core

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