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Islandwrecker Fleet

The Islandwrecker Fleet are the most notorious group of sky pirates in the entire Sky Ocean, known for being able to fight entire nations and being bold enough to try to "sink" islands.   The fleet is led by a pirate crew known as the Islandwrecker Pirates (formerly the Islandsinker Pirates, and before that, the Bloody Dawn Pirates).


Organization of the Fleet

Currently, the Islandwrecker Fleet consists multiple pirate crews, each with its own pirate captain. These captains report directly to the captain of the Islandwrecker Pirates, who is the leader of the whole fleet.  

Organization of each Pirate Crew

The strict hierarchy of the Islandwrecker Pirates serves as a model for the leadership of their subservient crews.  


The captain is the leader of the pirate crew. Their word is absolute.  

First Mate

The first mate is the captain's second in command. Their word is considered to be the same as the captain.  


The quartermaster is in charge of day-to-day affairs and enforcing the captain's orders. They are also in charge of dividing up anything the crew plunders. Because of the large scope and importance of their jurisdiction, they can give orders that are only superseded by the captain (and first mate).  


The boatswain is in charge of the airship itself. They can give any orders they deem necessary to keep the airship afloat unless it would directly contradict the captain.  


The doctor is in charge of the crew's health and well-being. Similar to the boatswain, they can give orders necessary to help perform their medical duties unless it would directly contradict the captain.

Public Agenda

"Take everything we can and destroy everything else."   The Islandwrecker Pirates want to collect everything valuable or useful to their life of piracy. In the event they cannot obtain something, they will destroy it or otherwise prevent anyone else from taking it, preventing any potential enemies from using it against them.


Bloody Dawn Pirates

The original crew comprised of Captain Chillhook (the widow of the head of a small crime family), two of the captain's underlings, Pinkbeard (an engineer who helped design a prototype airship that used the juices of world tree fruit as fuel), one of the engineer's assistants, and two ex-adventurers that were kicked from their adventuring guild. They became one of the first sky pirate crews after stealing the prototype airship that Pinkbeard helped design and plundering nearby floating islands, calling themselves the Bloody Dawn Pirates.  

Islandsinker Pirates

A few years into their career, the Bloody Dawn Pirates' ship was damaged and forced to crash on a small floating island. There, they took the materials needed to rebuild their ship, and eventually, took the island's sole air-affinity world tree fruit to refuel their ship. This caused the island to fall into the Wilderness, killing nearly all of its inhabitants.   The incident was the first time an island had fallen into the Wilderness, causing the Bloody Dawn Pirates to gain notoriety across nearly the whole Sky Ocean. Their outcriers dubbed them the "islandsinkers" for this massive crime, and the crew embraced this new name.   For a time, the Islandsinker Pirates didn't commit any major crimes, instead relying on their fierce reputation to coerce islands into handing over what they needed or occasionally plundering coastal towns for supplies.  

Islandwrecker Fleet

At some point, the Captain Chillhook went missing, and there was internal conflict over who would succeed her as the new captain.   Eventually, a dragonborn, who took on the name Captain Stormbreath around this time, managed to reunite the Islandsinker Pirates under a new mantle: the Islandwrecker Pirates, planning to once again begin causing islands to sink to the Wilderness after pillaging them of all their wealth and resources.   After rallying other pirate crews under him, Captain Stormbreath established the Islandwrecker Fleet and was able to defeat a whole nation and then sunk their island. Over the course of a decade, the fleet managed to pillage and sink three more islands.
Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Islandsinker Pirates (former), Bloody Dawn Pirates (former)
Islandwrecker, Islandsinker (former)
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Author's Notes

This article was made as a submission for a WorldAnvil Summer Camp 2018 prompt: "Which criminal organization in your world is the most notorious, and why?"

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Jul 8, 2018 07:25 by Dimitris Havlidis

Absolutely brilliant work, you have a knack for good naming and I loved the use of the excerpts on your links. It made me want to read even more of your world ... which I am about to do ;)

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Jul 8, 2018 07:52 by Zen Bagunu

Thank you so much!   I'm so flattered to have my naming skills complimented because that's a BIG focus for me. I feel like the biggest barrier for me to get into fantasy is seeing some weird-looking name and all I can think is "there's no way I'd remember that!" I want names where I go "ooh, I can kinda tell where this is going, lemme just learn a little bit more..."   Plus, since most of my work is for my tabletop campaigns, even if I name something in Japanese or Draconic or something, I always need to come up with a simple, descriptive, engaging that will stick with my players. Hence why my world is called "The Sanctuary" not just "Hogoku."

Jul 8, 2018 09:04 by Laughing Prophet

Well, I don't imagine people are particularly happy about a pirate fleet explicitly planning on killing everyone via falling out of the sky. Obviously given the past tense writing I need to ask, is this organization still active or did they eventually irritate enough larger powers to come crashing down (somewhat like the islands they targeted, in retrospect)?

Jul 8, 2018 16:12 by Zen Bagunu

I currently plan for the fleet to still be active, but really, I don't want to figure out too many details until I can use them in one of my Pathfinder or FFd20 campaigns. I'm sure they have some powerful enemies at this point, be it one of their victims/targets or a rival sky pirate group, but I probably will wait until I can tie it into a LVL 10-15 player's background first.

Jul 8, 2018 13:15 by Tikal

Always had a soft spot for sky pirates. I love the naming and the history! Great job!

Jul 8, 2018 14:06

Definitely notorious for a reason! I like the names a lot, too. Makes me curious about the rest of the world