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Captain Stormbreath

Moxt'kepesk (a.k.a. Captain Stormbreath)

Moxt'kepesk, more commonly known as Captain Stormbreath, is the captain of the Islandwrecker Fleet. He is a dragonborn with blue dragon heritage.   Moxt'kepesk's name comes from the phrase "moxt kepesk" (draconic for "little storm"). As such, he prefers to be called just Kepesk.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born the runt of his family, Moxt'kepesk was named "little storm" on account for his size.   As a child, he demanded to just be called Kepesk. While his family dismissed his wishes at first, through sheer determination and hard work, he grew strong enough to earn his kin's respect, but his childhood reputation would haunt him as long as he remained in his hometown.


Islandsinker Pirates

Hearing about the fierce reputation of the Islandsinker Pirates, Kepesk made it his ultimate goal to join them. Hijacking everything from horses to airships, he hunted down the pirates and demanded to join them.   However, after joining the crew, he was disappointed that the Islandsinker Pirates seemed content on simply relying on their reputation to bully small coastal cities into giving them supplies instead of committing another major raid or even trying to sink another island.  

Islandwrecker Pirates

After Captain Chillhook's disappearance, Kepesk participated in the power struggle to become the new captain, and eventually, he killed or otherwise disposed of his competition. Taking on the alias Captain Stormbreath, the dragonborn set out to transform the crew into what he imagined them to be: ruthless, ambitious islandsinkers.   Rallying other pirate crews under him, Captain Stormbreath established the Islandwrecker Fleet, and together, they defeated a whole nation and then sunk their island as a show of strength. Over the course of a decade, the fleet managed to pillage and sink three more islands.
Currently Held Titles
Aligned Organization

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Author's Notes

This article was made as a submission for a WorldAnvil Summer Camp 2018 prompt: "Write about a villain in your world who changed history."

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