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World Tree Fruit

World Tree Fruits are magical objects with elemental properties that grow on the World Tree.   When pieces of other material planes that are turned into floating islands in Hogoku, World Tree fruits are added to replicate phenomena that might've been tied to parts of the island's original plane that weren't brought to Hogoku or otherwise unable to continue in the new plane. They're also used to make the islands float in the Sky Ocean.


Material Characteristics

World Tree fruits resemble various different fruit, such as an apple, orange, banana, etc., but are bigger and emit a soft glow.   World Tree fruits are monochromatic and have different colors depending on their elemental affinity:
  • Fire: Red
  • Air: Green
  • Water: Blue
  • Earth: Yellow

Physical & Chemical Properties

World Tree fruits have different properties depending on their elemental affinity:
  • Fire: Warm
  • Air: Cool
  • Water: Cool
  • Earth: Warm

Origin & Source

World Tree

World Tree fruit are originally from the World Tree.  

Other Trees

Some World Tree fruit or the seeds inside them can be planted to grow new trees that bear more fruit.

History & Usage

Industrial Use

The juices of World Tree fruit—usually air-affinity fruits—is used to fuel airships.


In its natural state, world tree fruits provide powerful elemental effects, which is how it replicates an island's phenomena.   However, World Tree fruits are more often turned into a juice before being used.

Environmental Impact

The biggest hazard of harvesting a world tree fruit is the elimination of whatever phenomena they were responsible for, which the area might've been dependent on. Most dangerously, when all of a Sky Ocean island's air-affinity fruits are taken, the island will no longer be able to float and will crash into the Wilderness below.
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Author's Notes

Originally, I was going to introduce giant, magical crystals into my world similar to the ones found in Final Fantasy, but after some thought, I decided it'd be more interesting to make them be fruit of the World Tree instead.   That was also when I changed the name of that tree from the Tree of Life to the World Tree since "World Tree Fruit" had a nice ring to it.   This article was made as a submission for a WorldAnvil Summer Camp 2018 prompt: "What unique resource exists in your world? What are its properties?"

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