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Pirates of the Expant Sea


A single captain of a flagship, "The Maiden," she oversees all pirate ships in the Expant Sea. The ships operate independently, but all must pay tribute in order to conduct their business in her waters, or their own captain faces her wrath, immediately resulting in the promotion of their first mate, or the first person she feels she can trust to follow her loose orders.

Public Agenda

Every seaward town knows of "The Maiden" and her pirates. There are no open demands, and never any hostages or compromises. Their fabled cry of "Two in the pink, one in the drink" comes from their long-standing tradition of throwing one crewmember of a captured ship overboard to either swim for his life or drown or be eaten by some form of aquatic wildlife, while two others are fed to the giant, pink Kraken that she has somehow tamed.


Technically the Maiden and the Pirates of the Expant Sea only own three ships. Her flagship and two others, though an untold number of privateers aligned to her sail the coasts and open waters between the two continents, the only allegiance they owe her being the promised torture if they don't pay their tributes.


Piracy is one of the oldest professions in Lawold. The first time people discovered how to transport goods and currency over water, someone was almost immediately there to try and take it from them. For ages, piracy was a loose threat, merchants arming themselves and hiring protection against the possibility made it unlikely you'd even encounter a ship. Until decades ago, when The Maiden arrived.   It is unknown her real name or where she came from, and if you grab five people and ask what she even looks like you'll get five different answers, and one of those will say she's actually a man dressing like a woman.   Since she came into power and consolidated all the pirates under her leadership, she's been a force to be reckoned with. Shipping lanes are having to take longer routes, and she's begun to offer many port cities protection fees, paid agreements that she won't attack ships bearing certain flags. So far, she is keeping her end of the bargain.

Two in the pink, one in the drink!

Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Expants, Exes

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