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The Syndicate

Few people have direct interactions with the Syndicate and live to talk about it. Their graffiti plaster the walls of the lower districts as a way of announcing supremacy and marking territory. Besides this graffiti they tend to stay out of the public eye.   They operate within the Western city-complexes that dot the Martian surface.   Although they possess massive amounts of resources and influence there is a severe lack of consistency within the autonomous territories, criminals tend to answer to the highest bidder.


There are four semi-autonomous gangs that make up the Syndicate. This criminal corporation is headed by an autocratic despotic ruler, often referred to as some variation of "The King". Under this despot there are the leaders of the various gangs referred to as "Lords".  

King Daro

This is the position of kingpin held exclusively by Daro. He is so heavily insulated from the rest of the Syndicate that no standing member has ever had contact with him. He relies on a series of androids that act as body-guards and messengers.  


These androids are nearly indiscernible from Humans. They are autonomous and skilled in linguistics, combat tactics, and negotiation strategies. They collectively represent the word and interest of Daro  


Rogues are assassins, they act as a secret police force within the Syndicate and an assassins guild outside of the Syndicate. They specialize in eliminating targets quickly and without leaving a trace. Most members of the Syndicate look upon the rogues with unease.  

The Lords

There are currently four Lords, each is responsible for the proper functioning of an individual gang, specializing in a specific part of production within the Syndicate.  

The Four Gangs



This gang is responsible for the production, scrapping, and repurposing of drugs, weaponry, and cybernetics. They are the equivalent of the Syndicate chemists and engineers.  


This gang specializes in thievery of all shades, petty and serious, material and virtual assets. They only employ experienced hackers and thieves.  


Responsible for smuggling of all kinds, these are the members that move assets from the hands of the Makers and Takers, and into the hands of the last and largest gang.  


Sometimes called dealers, this group receives assets form the Movers and brings them to the black-market. The Marketeers are the only sect of the Syndicate that have repeated contact with members of the public, and only in their protected Underbelly market spaces.

Public Agenda

The Syndicate has no official public agenda. The public knows little about the organization besides their ominous graffiti, and tend to think they are a horde of blood thirsty animals with no real leadership or direction.


Starting as a small collection of local gangs, the viscous guidance of Daro united nearly all lower district criminality under the banner of the Syndicate. This unity is maintained through unrelenting violence and intimidation.
Illicit, Syndicate
Parent Organization
Neighboring Nations

Syndicate Rogue

  These Syndicate assassins operate independently or in small groups. They're often contracted to close loose ends, whether within the organization or without. They are viscous killers.

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4 Jul, 2018 20:13

I love your choice of artwork! I'd like to hear a bit more about Daro and what makes them as scary as they sound!

4 Jul, 2018 20:23

Thanks for the suggestion :) I'll have to link the Daro article with each mention of his name, and elaborate a bit more on his character and backstory.

4 Jul, 2018 20:33

It'd be neat to hear a bit more about their history and common methods, though I like what's here. Very sinister!

4 Jul, 2018 20:38

Love the CSS and the artwork. It certainly gives it that Sci-Fi / MechTech feel. I'd love to learn more about Daro, and how he/she manages to keep their place of power with what sounds to be constant in-fighting for control and power. Great article!