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The Bandits

The misfit, the insane, the corrupt end here.


Little is known about them but outsiders but undercover efforts are made to dismantle those organizations. it is rumored that they have a pyramidal structure with many characters at the top

Public Agenda

They used to have Public figures acting as benefactors, and posing for the camera, but that didnt last long as they streets turned more violent, now the bosses are mostly in the shadows


Vehicles, weapons, secret hideouts and headquarters they are rumored to the connected world wide in many ways, they have chapters or branches dedicated to the trafficking of illegal/stolen goods and even slave trafficiking, Brothels are magnets to these characters so in places where prostitution is legal brothels are under very strict vigilance, however it's not uncommon for the police to turn the blind eye


Many of these gangs started out as soldiers with no more wars to fight while being incapable of living a civilian life as well, combined with regular criminals and other unsavory characters over time they coalesced into this organizations, these organizations grew larger over time, but at this day and age they are under threat by a less chaotic world, meaning that tackling crime is a priority now in many countries.

Demography and Population

It is mostly formed by individuals that are either born in criminal families or they are misfits in some capacity often the members have cases of "the shackles" those individuals are the most ruthless unstable and dangerous, or they are Psychological dependent on their superiors and cannot even think about leaving that life behind
They are often found in areas of severe contamination, the hostile environment and mostly sparse and compliant population offer the perfect hideout
Illicit, Other
Alternative Names
The gangs, Motors gangs, Mafia, Mafiosos
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
There are rumors that they have their own internal justice system to dish out punishment to those that break the rules of their chapter, including unauthorized assassination of rivals

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