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Carrion of the Lost

The world knows them as Carrion of the Lost, though they prefer to call themselves The Free People. They claim that they do what they do to alleviate the world of its worries and strife. But that is exactly what they cause. They may be well and happy on their island somewhere over the endless waters of southern Naru, but they lead to death and desperation wherever they spread their shadowy tendrils.  

Name origin

Carrion of the Lost are earned their name by each member once being criminals or "lost" to the greater population. The carrion aspect was of how they are viewed, rotten to the core. They are the worst of all, the rotten parts of unwanted people. They don't like this name, as it shows them in a negative light. They prefer the name "Free People" so show that they are not bound by any nations or higher powers laws.  


The Carrion of the Lost have made their base of operations on a sky island somewhere above southern Naru. That is as far as any nation has come do finding them. Search though they might, even the @aldcom try in vain to find their hidden island. One eye witness said they followed one of their members back to their home base. It was high in the sky, too high for anyone under or on the surface of the water to see. But when they were lead to where the person had found it, it was nowhere to be seen.  


They farm and craft warehouses of illegal substances that they distribute in strategic locations all throughout Kald. The areas they distribute are picked to both keep the group from being found and to sew as much chaos as possible to generate as much profit as possible. They prey on those who are addicted to their substance, or sell to those who would use the substances for hurting others. For those so indebted to them, the make an endless numbers in slaves. They may take these slaves back to work on their mysterious island or, more likely, they will sell them.   Growing into a giant, with such lucrative business in substances and flesh, the decided to expand their decubitus dealings. They now are able to lurk in major cities, nearly out in the open, due to their new habit of breeding dangerous "pets". They have an unknown number of highly dangerous creatures such as Katozjen's, Siren's, and Dsohv's kept within their floating island. They bring these "pets" out every now and then to protect important members who find it necessary to travel the land. They bribe cities and smaller nations by asking for a small protection fee to save them from the small army of their "pets" who happen to have wandered within their borders.


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