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Roseport Thieves Guild

"Every city has thieves, and if a city has enough valuables to steal, it'll have a thieves guild too." - Flora Jezelbit

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Typically just called The Thieves Guild by natives of Roseport, the Roseport Thieves Guild is a collection of thieves currently being lead by Valdir Fendir, while his crew associates Knox Stitcher, Ox Ford, and Lacey Larcoga Fentina occasional help him with special jobs.


Currently, the structure of the newly formed Thieves Guild is headed by Valdir Fendir, who mainly runs the guild out of his pub the Dirty Kitty. While his associates do help him with the occasional special job or hairy situation Valdir typically runs the day to day jobs himself.   In the past, the Roseport Thieves Guild was a much larger and more organized organization. The most recent iteration of the guild, before the current one was formed, was lead by a council of six individuals, but many within the guild accepted that the true leader was Flora Jezelbit. These individuals were Lauren Rolfie, Mort Trenton, Lawrence Bit, Barett Cawlder, Tarah Frush, and the aforementioned Flora Jezelbit.

Public Agenda

Currently, the agenda of the Thieves Guild is to keep quiet, steal what you can without making a mess, and don't bring any unnecessary noise to the organization. While the agenda of this new guild isn't as structured or focused as its previous incarnation it is still growing and finding its true focus.   The focus of the prior guild was to bring control into the cities criminal undertakings, giving structure to its members and controlling the flow of what each member could and couldn't do. The point was to give opportunity to thieves while also controlling them, making the city a safer more predictable place.


The current iteration of the guild is still accumulating new assets, currently they have about two hundred members, a central meeting location at the Dirty Kitty pub, a number of safe houses and caches across the city, weapons and armours for over half of their members, and access to a vast network of underground tunnels throughout the city.   In the past, however, during the height of the guild, it had access to vast resources including; gold, armour, weapons, numerous safe houses, caches, secret locations across the city. The former guild headquarters was Flora Jezelbits home in the Iona district, though most lower guild members say the house, the leaders of the guild met frequently the plan the direction of the guild and the city itself.   The former guild also held a much more direct control of the city itself, as one of its members, Lawrence Bit, was the captain of the city guard at the time. Together the guild leaders could direct both crime and the justice system to bring a better balance to the city and making sure its legion of thieves didn't rob the city dry.


The origins of the Roseport Thieves Guild is somewhat of a mystery. Most people within the many iterations of the guild believe that the guild has existed in some form or another for almost as long as Roseport itself. Most of the guild's history has been lost to time or kept a secret on purpose.   Flora Jezelbit took control of her time as leader of the Roseport Thieves during her mid-forties, after a career as a cat-burglar and prominent guild member. During her time as leader, the guild would grow to become a formidable organization with considerable power within the city.   However, her time as Thieves Guild leader and the guild itself would end abruptly when Royal Regent Duke Cross was sent to Roseport on the behalf of King Thadeus Telvor VIII in order to clean up the city after The Veil of the Golden Pass, a priceless artefact that was on loan from the capital of Sumner, was stolen during a state ball. Cross would use his considerable political power alongside his new city guard, the Imperial Royal Guard aka The White Cloaks to systematically dismantle the guild and either enslaving or executing its leaders. Out of the leaders only Flora, Lauren, and Mort would survive.   Knox Stitcher, Valdir Fendir, Ox Ford, and Lacey Larcoga Fentina would be instrumental in reliving the city of Duke Cross's influence and rescuing the former guild leaders from imprisonment. During this time Valdear would slowly begin the process of reforming the Roseport Thieves Guild under his command. After Cross was stripped of his position and titles by the King Thadeus Telvor VIII Flora and the other former leaders would leave the new guild to Valdear and his associates in order to help run the city in the newly formed city council.
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