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Sky Heist Crew

The Sky Heist Crew is the most notorious criminal organisation on the continent of Aporea. Unlike other criminal organisations who prefer to keep things as quiet and unnoticed by the authorities as possible, the Sky Heist Crew revel in attention and often taunt the law. They do elaborate heists, sometimes just to steal things that aren't valuable commercially but that amuse them in some way or have sentimental value to people they hate.


The leadership and roles in the Sky Heist Crew is constantly fluctuating as their tendency to taunt law enforcement often results in one or more of their members being incarcerated. However, they have an uncanny ability to break out of any cell they are put into.   Known leaders:   Effri (Aarakocra male)   Lioness (Tabaxi female)   Colin (Half-elf male)

Public Agenda

Their only agenda as far as the public knows seems to be pure chaos.


The base of operations is located in a cave system near the top of one of the mountains surrounding Skycrest and contains a random assortment of loot from the various heists they've pulled throughout the years. This ranges from valuable jewels to the underwear of almost every important official of Skycrest.


For a criminal organisation that prides itself on its elaborate heists that always draw a lot of attention, the Sky Heist Crew has existed in some form or another since the founding of Skycrest hundreds of years ago.   There are rumours that the organisation was actually founded and is still lead by an ancient dragon but no one has found any conclusive proof of this and any attempts to question members of the crew have always proved futile. No one seems to be able to find their lair and if anyone does they either never return or end up joining the crew.   Perhaps the most impressive part about the Sky Heist Crew is that even though it has existed for centuries, there are very few reports of them killing or even seriously hurting anybody - especially not civilians. This has lead to the general public mostly viewing the crew as more of an entertaining band of jesters, though those who uphold the law definitely disagree.

Reach for the sky

Guild, Thieves


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