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The Secret Police

By definition of their power, not at all secret. This is the military and intelligence organisation that backs the power of The High Court. They carry out justice across the land and regulate any undocumented Known or Known whose powers are in danger of becoming perverted through their actions.   The Secret Police are particularly dangerous as a sanctioned criminal organisation because they are essentially given a blank check by The High Court. They are highly skilled across the board because of the renown of their organisation, which they increase illicitly through internal Known members.


The Secret Police operate anonymously, but the motto that they wear on their chests provide their powers which is why they aren't actually secret. Technically, the High Battle runs the Secret Police, but in practice the organisation runs autonomously as a splinter of The Academy. There is no centralised leadership, but members are typically dispatched in teams of five, and the team leaders often meet to create more Known and coordinate strategy independently from the governments that ostensibly run them. Due to the loose structure of the group and the unsavoury nature of the work, this organisation is particularly susceptible to bribery.

Public Agenda

To maintain balance between Known and Obscure.


They have a large, spread out organisation of indeterminate size, and the prestige of their organisation is dependent on position rather than the individual. They have the power of extreme skill with weapons.


The Secret Police was founded in the aftermath of the celebrated Merrid's death. During this chaotic time, warring Knowns battled for control over who could become Known. The High Court was founded as a solution to keep the different factions working in harmony, and the Secret Police was instigated as the official enforcers of the regime, answerable to the High Battle. Since then, they have developed into a much more autonomous organisation, with hierarchies and even some Secret Known of their own.

Clarity through obscurity.

Secret, Military
Alternative Names
The Orderlies, The Obscuri
Training Level
Parent Organization

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