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Red cloaks

The red cloaks are not like the traditional thieves guilds and crime groups in Nightshire. they don't fear means to achieve their goals, usually being profit. Traditional guids might shun violence over the subtle art of distraction and infiltration, but the red cloaks are enforcers, brutes and bullies. The gang quickly rose in noteriety, becoming Nightshire, and maybe even Andron's biggest gang.


The leader of the red cloaks is jokingly called Grand Brute, due to the nature of the guild. the Grand Brute has two hands, The left hand, responsible for bribery, arson and all covert operations is called Serpent. While the right hand of the Grand Brute is responsible for strong-armi-, intimidation- and extortion operations. he is called Imp.   Then there are ten lietenants, carrying the name Firebrand. They assist the Grand Brutes hands and make sure orders are heard throughout the guild. members carry the title of cloak, which is applicible to all guild members, including Firebrand, Serpent, Imp and Grand Brute.

Public Agenda

They seek to control and extort the city of Nightshire using violence, intimidation and sometimes even torture. Thusfar they have succeeded in spreading enough fear to be able to wear their uniform cloaks in public without being arrested on the spot. Guards usually leave the cloaks alone if they don't cause trouble, since you never know how many more cloaks might appear when you try to apprehend one. retributions over arests in the past have been fierce from setting fire to the barracks to beating the wife of a guard on duty.


The red cloaks have seized control of a store house in one of the run down areas of Nightshire. Guards have tried to flush the cloaks out, but with no avail. The storehouse is sealed shut and fortified with iron plates, ensuring cloaks can come out unseen and return in safety. Many guards actively avoid the place. Rumors tell that the grand Brute has installed a secret treasury filled with gold and taken posessions. It is located somewhere in the storehouse, next to his bed. Only his Hands know where it is.   The storehouse also has a small armory, containing stolen equipment from other guilds, lokal smiths and even a great deal of guard weapons.

Fear the flash of red, be it sword or cloak

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
reds, cloaks
Red cloaks

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