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Calumn's Ninjas

There is a mysterious guild that is ruled but a son of a deity. They are an assassin guild in Tarrin that travel all around the world if the money is right. The ninjas are under Satanta's rules and they do whatever possible to get the power they want to obtain. This assassins move in the underground sewers to be hidden from the world and remain a mystery.


Satanta is the top person but he only talks to his son Calumn so whatever Satanta wants the ninjas to do he tells his son what he wants but the most part Calumn is the one who rules the ninjas. There is one person in each cell under him that tells the ninjas what to do. This person is the eyes and ears for calumn. They assign missions to the rank an file ninjas and reward success and punish failure.

Public Agenda

They are invisible organization, no one knows who these people are or when they are going to strike. They are infiltrated in a lot of noble houses to subvert the king and queen in their efforts to maintain law and order.


They have more gold then the kingdom has because of the payments they take for a contract. They have the underground house that uses the sewers around the city to make sure they are still invisible and hidden.


When the king's mother was pregnant with him Satanta disguised himself as her husband and impregnated her with a second child. This was Calumn. After the children were born the truth was revealed and the mother killed herself for the shame. The father could not bear to kill Calumn but sent him away. Calumn fell in with the underworld and quickly gained power and infamy. When he was fully grown, Satanta revealed himself to him as his father and helped him form this secret society.

Do whatever you can to gain power

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
Satanta's ninjas
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Notable Members

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