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New Tarrin

The new place of residents for the people of Tarrin. After Satanta and Ashin son is born they moved from the old tarrin to the new place to get rid of the vampires lurking around the castle. Tarrin has been the biggest place for good on this continent that there is hardly any evil there. (at least no evil in plain sight)


This city is a mixing pot, there is all the species of humanoids all over the city. The city has three wealth classes, noble class (rich), medium class, and the poor class. The poor class is where most of the thieves live and where they have been started. They have a mage college, a couple of thieves guilds, the hidden ninja guild, a lot of cleric training, and fighter guilds. They also have a lot of specialist, like carpenters, jewelers, armors, weapon-smiths, etc.


They have a King and Queen who rule the city, they try to keep the laws good and keep the citizens happy.


magically reinforced walls and towers surround the city. the city and royal guard are well staffed and are among the best trained in the world.

Industry & Trade

as a major world power, tarrin sends out soldiers to other nations who need help maintaining stability, for a reasonable price. They also have a lot of trade of many goods and wares.


the city has advanced sewer systems throughout, well designed urban sprawl keeps the city streets from becoming too crowded in most areas.


there are stores for almost anything imaginable within the city.

Guilds and Factions

there are many trade and manufacturing guilds. There are also secret guilds of thieves and assassins that despite the best efforts of law abiding citizens, thrive in the underbelly of the large city.


fouded in year 0 new tarrin was created as a place for people to flee the vampires that had taken over the original capital.


the style and materials for buildings are varied throughout the city. more wealthy areas use bright stones to build while the poor use whatever material they can come up with.
Large city
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