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Collegia of Veterans

A seemingly benevolent organization with a goal of protecting the rights of Legionaries, serving and retired. In practice this group are a ruthless gang of ex Legionaries who constantly fight to make sure that Veteran rights are protected and that no Legionary ever falls on hard times.   They achieve this aim through black market smuggling of essential supplies to men in the Legion camps and the front lines and by ensuring that those retiring from the Legions find gainful employment as guards, town watch, mercenaries and anything else befitting troops of their stature. Originally they started as a group with purely good intentions but as corruption and equipment shortages plagued the Legions during the reign of Robertii Judas Mandrewii they began to take a more active approach to keeping the Legions supplied.   During a particular famine in the Western Provinces the CoV were repsonsible for making sure that the Legions were kept supplied with enough grain to thwart starvation and as such keep the Provinces secure. They reportedly stole the grain from civilian sources and smuggled it to the Legions, however thanks to strong-arm tactics and bribes it was never truly proven that the CoV had been involved.


As the CoV is made up of ex-Legionaries it's organization follows that of the military quite closely, it is led by an ex-Centurion and it's groups divided roughly amongst provincial and district lines. The ex-Centurion in charge also holds a seat on the Senate, the public agenda of the CoV is to keep Veterans safe and protected and the leader does this in the senate, it's almost a public secret that the CoV has spies and supply masters all over the Empire who can be activated in a moments notice by the Senate to ensure the Legions are well supplied.

Public Agenda

To promote the welfare of Veterans of our Legions, those who have given all to protect the Empire.
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3 Jul, 2018 15:20

This is like the VA is the VA was veteran run and cared. I got a kick out of it, well done! Paramilitary Welfare!

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3 Jul, 2018 15:20

I get a medieval "Red" vibe, I dig it!

3 Jul, 2018 16:11

Interesting concept, it's both sad and slightly humorous. Like one of the other commenters, I can't help but wonder about the wider effects it would cause.

12 Jul, 2018 06:54

I like it! A union gone bad, except they're also highly trained killing machines. How do they stay afloat, financially? Do they ever have to compromise morals to do so?

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