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The Guild

May Death and Fortune Never Leave This World

As one of the largest shadow operations in the Eight Lands, the Guild is notorious for their elite assassins and thieves. These men and women may be hired out by whoever offers the largest sum of coin for their services. After all, it is a risky business to not have any gain.  

The Guild History

  It has existed since the end of the Fellhorn Crusades when an infamous thief, known only by the name "Nighthawk", brought together the best thieves and assassins in the shadows of the world to form the Guild. The Guild has made many enemies in the world, however no attempt to remove the Guild from service has ever succeeded. Some stories claim that any army that dared to face them found their weapons missing one morning, others say those armies were decimated through the use of poisoned food and water.   Whatever the case may be, it was soon realized that the Guild could not be prevented from existing, whether in shadows or in the light. Their actions have guided the world for the past five hundred years and will continue to guide it into the far future.  

Contacting the Guild

  Guild contractors are more common in the world than one might think. Each pleasant looking merchant in a marketplace, each innkeeper that keeps their coin a touch too close to themselves, and each and every person milling about a city could be a Guild contractor. All it takes for them to notice that you are wanting their services is a sign.   Anyone looking to get in touch with a contractor has to have an in. If you don't know someone who knows someone in the Guild, there's a large chance that any loud attempts you make to contact the Guild will end in your swift demise.   With that in mind, if you do happen to have an in, you need only speak the known phrase for the service you want and receive one of two statements in return, one of potential acceptance or one of polite declination.   Common Phrases:   Thievery contract
Got a flimp in the works?
Assassination contract
Working through a chive. Got a coin?
Declaration of interest
You got a darkmans crossing.
Get yourself on the pike and head your own way.
Guild, Thieves
Training Level

Unknown location; known as the Gallow


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