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The Fallen Authority

The Fallen Authority does not exist! A criminal enterprise that powerful would have been stopped centuries ago! -Defense Minister Brula at her last press conference


Archons are the leaders of local chapters, called a province, and has total control of the province's jurisdiction, usually a city. Below them are Docents who lead small gangs to impose the Archon's will. Rank and file members are referred to as Fallen. Many believe that Archons report to a person known as The Praetor, but they firmly deny any such rumors.

Public Agenda

Specifics of agendas vary between archons and their locale, but they all share the goal of accumulation of power. Some provinces use blackmail and extortion of politicians to achieve this, others traffic humanoids and animals, or run arcane black markets. Archons have a code of honor to help each other out in times of need, but only if it benefits their own goals.


Being a clandestine organization across many nations, the assets of The Fallen Authority are impossible to determine. However, it is vast as when a province truly dedicates itself to a project or conflict they seem to have a near bottomless well of resources.


It is hard to determine when TFA started, but it is known have been around for centuries or even millennia under different names. The height of its power was during the Ashen Kingdom's reign at the end of the Phoenix Era. It is believed that TFA had an important role in backing the revolt that overthrew the Immortal Empress Thava. After the revolt it faded back into obscurity during the civil wars that followed. Many cities or even nations have attempted to stamp out their local province, but a new archon allows took the place of the one that was toppled.
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Authority, The Fallen, TFA

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