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The Blink

There is a saying among the crime lords of the Blink: “If we didn’t, somebody would.” This Irelessan-based crime syndicate is famous for the veneer of irreverence that they encourage their street agents to adopt. If something is important enough for the Blink to stop making dirty jokes about, the world in general should watch their purse. The Blink’s central location in Shanport isn’t well-known to non-members, and the Irelessan Imperial Watch has been searching for the headquarters for decades. Thieves, fences, spies, and smugglers all find their home within the circle of the Blink, and the leaders of the organization appear at meetings in masks. Some other organizations brand or tattoo their members, but the Blink’s particular brand of operations makes that sort of thing foolish at best and unfathomably stupid in the worst of times.   The Blink is mostly concerned with profit, but it often seems like they are more concerned with playing obnoxiously elaborate pranks on high-ranking government officials, nobility, and whole towns. The town of Iron Crossing was subjected to a particularly brutal joke where every door in town was locked from the outside in the dawning hours of the morning. The various skillsets of Blink members means easy coverage for all sorts of criminal endeavors, but the Blink’s specialty is and always has been espionage.


The Blink runs on a basis of profit and profit alone. That being said, the syndicate has become adept at making choices that prevent the whole thing from collapsing around them. Thus, the Code. As thieves, assassins, and spies, the group figures that they can still have principles. For example, the Blink doesn't torture people. The intricacies of the Blink’s Code is apparently an insider secret, and most members interpret the ideology in a way that fits their lifestyle. They’re more of a set of guidelines anyway. There are several job titles in the Blink, and members remain within their assigned roles.
  • Spooks are members who specialize in infiltration and covert operations. Silencers are Blink members with magical abilities, usually illusion, enchantment, or transmutation magic. Staggers are the bulk muscle of the Blink, usually wielding heavy weapons. Shut-eyes are the Blink’s assassins, and they are rarely deployed for anything else.

"If we didn't, somebody would."

Guild, Thieves

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