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League of Darkness

It is an evil organization, created by Lady Dark , with the intention of subduing all the peoples and lands of Eridania. Since its foundation, the League has been the main enemy of The Elder Council of the Eridanian Nations , having waged wars against it many times.


The League consists of eleven people: ten common members and Lady Dark. These members are chosen (which means abducted and corrupted) by Lady Dark herself. The titles that make up the League are:  
  • The Director, the title helded by Lady Dark;
  • The Supreme General, leader of the Army as a whole and the right hand of the Director;
  • The High Engineer, commander of the army's artillery and the one who designs and builds the war machines;
  • The Black Knight, leader of the cavalry;
  • The Master Assassin, leader of the Night Shadows, the elite assassins of the League;
  • The Tamer, in charge of training and commanding the beasts of the League;
  • The Dark Magician, leader of the witches and battlemages;
  • The Hunter, leader of the archery;
  • The Necromancer, leader of the specters;
  • The High Swordsman, leader of the infantry;
  • The Dark Corsair, leader of the navy.

Public Agenda

The sole purpose of the League, as declared countless times by its members and its Director, is universal domination and control over all peoples. It is also known that the League seeks the destruction of the Daughter of Light in order to prevent the destruction of Lady Dark and to obtain control over the Power of Infinite.


Exact resources, as well as troop numbers, are unknown to the Council as they tend to change frequently. It is estimated, however, that the army has something between one hundred thousand and three hundred thousand soldiers, although they are never all used at the same time. The League has dominion over Ancalys and the small islands that surround it, where they erected numerous constructions:  
  • Tharonyr, capital of Ancalys;
  • The Castle of Alanturys, the headquarters of the League and the house of Lady Dark;
  • The Catacombs, where the League keeps its numerous beasts;
  • The Forges, scattered all over the island, where weapons, armor and other equipment are created;
  • Arvenak, the prison were Lady Dark take the ones that she will torture.


The League was founded by Lady Dark, the most terrible villain Eridania has ever faced. After the defeat of her husband Obscurium by the Guardians, she began the idea of ​​gathering her own army, since she had not been able to conquer Eridania on her own.   Then she gathered all her knowledge of black magic, and summoned dark spirits and evil beasts, and began what the Council called "The Kidnappings," though they had no idea what was really going on at that time. Whole villages woke up empty, all their inhabitants vanished. Peasants, nobles and even animals. Lady Dark took them to her fortress on the moon of Notórië, away from the Council's eyes, and corrupted them with black magic and trapped them under her rule.   Many years passed without the Council even know what Lady Dark planned, since her existence was unknown even by the Guardians. And then, when the Shadow Army was bigger than any military force in Eridania, Lady Dark revealed herself.   The Night of the Dark Flames, as the terrible massacre was called by poets and bards, is considered one of the most malignant acts ever performed by the League. Lady Dark considered Notórië no longer a strategic point for her, and decided to invade the southernmost island of Eridania, Ancalys. The sorceress used much of the power she had accumulated during all those years to open a large portal through which all the troops passed.   Without having had time to prepare an appropriate defense, the island's citadel was not a difficult obstacle for the newly formed League, but its people fought bravely nonetheless. Great heroes are still remembered through songs and stories brought by survivors of the event. Those who tried to resist were killed, and those who surrendered became slaves and new soldiers of the Shadow Army. The legend says that Lady Dark, with simple snap of her fingers, made the citadel burn in black flames.   Then, over the ashes, a new headquarters for the power of darkness was built, and Lady Dark isolated the island with evil and insurmountable mists. She then summoned the ten leaders of the army divisions and proclaimed:  
Ten members. You will be the first of the many who are yet to come. You will be, from now on, mine, body and soul. My swords, my bows, my spears and my shields. You will be the arms that will raise my banners over all the worlds. The terrors that inhabit the night. My League of Darkness.
  And from that night onward began the reign of terror of the League of Darkness. The Council, despite numerous attempts, never managed to free Ancalys from the domination of the organization, and over time, the island became a synonym for terror and darkness.   The League had often waged wars against Eridania, although the Council managed to keep them restricted to Ancalys. Many were the stories of war, blood, terror and glory born of the battles between them and the Council, but it is certain that these encounters always bring pain to the people of Eridania.

We Bring the Darkness

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The League
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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