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Lady Dark

The shadows that became flesh.

Lady Dark is the feared leader of The League of Darkness , and the greatest villain in the history of Eridania. Little is known of her or her past before founding the League, only that she is an immortal demon who is married to the fallen god Iluminum/Obscurium and that she may be one of the oldest creatures in the Universe.

Divine Domains

Being considered one of the Elder Demons of the Universe, that is, a creature of pure darkness and wickedness that has threatened the world since immemorial times, many concepts and areas of dominion have been associated with Lady Dark, here are some of them:  
  • Chaos
  • Evilness
  • Black Magic
  • War
  • Sin
  • Corruption

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The greatest and main goal of Lady Dark is to steal the power of the Infinite and use it to subdue all the worlds and creatures of the Universe, thus defeating the Daughter of Light and preventing the prophecy that will culminate in her death to come true.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

A magical tattoo of a pair of bat wings that serves to hide her true wings.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Despite being very old, Lady Dark took time to appear in the records of Eridanian history, and much of what is written about pre-Eridinian events involving her is based on legends and speculations.   However, it is well known that early in Eridania, the god Iluminum, Ninfena's brother, encountered this mysterious figure as he wandered through the worlds they had created (it is speculated that the planet in question was Earth). They talked a lot, and she showed him many things about her world that he did not know, just as he also showed things to her, and Iluminum came to visit her often.   It did not take long for the young god to fall in love with the mysterious maiden, and he brought the matter to his sister, Ninfena. He then gave up his divine influence over the universe to stay with his beloved, and Ninfena gave them one of the moons of Eridania to use as home. And so, they disappeared from the records for a while. And it was then that things began to turn dark.   Ever since she had met Iluminum, Lady Dark was disguising her true appearance and form, and even her name, having told him it was Nimue. After marriage, when he turned away from his divine affairs, she began to show more and more who she really was, poisoning his mind with evil ideas and distorting certain situations involving Ninfena, as well as corrupting him directly by using the powers of darkness.   She set him against his sister, whom he attacked openly, but was defeated, frustrating Lady Dark's initial plan. She healed her husband, and together they waited until the day Ninfena left Eridania. The evil woman then infiltrated among the people of the planet, and began to plant chaos through small rumors that ended up leading to great internal problems and even wars between kingdoms, since the latter very benefited her, as chaos and war strengthen her powers.   When the world was as destabilized as possible, Lady Dark made her husband attack again. However, the fallen god was prevented by the arrival of his nieces, the Guardians, who defeated him. He disappeared after the battle, with no trace of whether he was alive or dead, and his wife returned to the shadows of their fortress, where she was already preparing a new plan. A plan that Eridania would never forget.   And then the kidnappings began. Lady Dark carried people into the silence of the night, whether they were noble, soldiers or commoners, and used dark magic to corrupt them. She took animals and creatures out of the woods and made them evil. Performed ancient rituals to summon armies of specters. And the moon of Notorië overflowed with creatures of darkness.   The Council was seriously concerned about the kidnappings, as it was not able to find any clues about them, for the presence of Lady Dark was not known to either the Guardians or the people of Eridania. And she took that as an advantage. Her army was now vaster than the army of any kingdom of Eridania, that were living in the peace that the Council had brought.   Lady Dark thought that the moon was not a very strategic point for her plans, for though it was vast, it was too far away. Her gaze then turned to the southernmost part of the planet, the island of Ancalys , a vast and rich land under the control of the kingdom of Atserolf, and also relatively defenseless, since it was separated from the other kingdoms.   Then she gathered and armed her troops, and the terrible Shadow Army was born. Lady Dark led the army through a gigantic portal that she opened using the power she had stored during the chaos caused in the kingdoms of the planet.   Ancalys was dominated by the League in a few hours. The port citadel was burned, and its inhabitants were either killed or enslaved by the evil power of Lady Dark, and very few families escaped the massacre. When the battle came to an end, she used her power to erect a barrier of evil mist around the island, so that no one could reach Ancalys unless she wanted to. That night became known in Eridanian history as "the Night of the Dark Flames", always remembered with much pain by the inhabitants of the planet.   Lady Dark built a new citadel, Tharonyr, and also a new residence for her, the black castle of Alanturys, from where she commands the League of Darkness.   She has appeared many times since then as an antagonist of the Elder Council, always causing chaos where she appeared. Many battles were fought, and when she lost, she would disappear for many centuries, until she returns to cause chaos again. Her last appearance was nineteen years ago, but the Council was prepared.   They performed a very special ritual, called spellforge, that managed to imprison Lady Dark inside a soulcrystal. However, before being imprisoned, she still managed to capture and absorb the vitality of Atserolf's heiress, Diana Dalagh, and to corrupt a few other people to a new formation of the League. She sent that individuals to Ancalys before she was trapped by the Council.   Still, Lady Dark is expected to be able to free herself from the soulcrystal, for it has been prophesied that she can only be defeated by the Daughter of Light, the Heiress of Ninfena, who will destroy her and the League once and for all.

Gender Identity




Accomplishments & Achievements

Lady Dark, since her first appearance in the Eridanian records, is a figure of darkness. Where she goes, chaos and wars happen. Here is a list, carefully organized by the archivists of the Great Library, of the acts that made her the greatest villain in the history of Eridania:  
  • The corruption of the god Iluminum;
  • She spreaded rumors and disagreements that culminated in the First Magic War, between elves, nymphs, humans and fairies;
  • The invasion of Ancalys, also known as "The Night of the Dark Flames";
  • Slavery to thousands of creatures and people;
  • The cold-blooded murderer of King Adaron II, of Atserolf;
  • The abduction and torture of Ereor, the sage, aiming at the creation of the Book of Chaos;
  • The creation of the Blue Shadow plague, which took thousands with it, including the Daughter of Light, at the time a baby;
  • The destruction of a great part of the Owl Forest, in Ardenio;
  • The fire of the first Royal Academy, killing thousands of students and teachers;
  • The desertification of a part of the kingdom of Esarion;
  • She used black magic to drive Queen Belara of Ryssera mad, causing her to kill her newborn babies and then take her own life because of what she had done;
  • Almost extinguished the Dragon race after poisoning a lake in Oagard;
  • She corrupted packs of wolves in Luxcis using black magic, who attacked dozens of defenseless villages;
  • Reports of survivors to the horrors of Ancalys tell that Lady Dark holds the blood of her fallen enemies. And then she drinks it.
  These are some of the great list of horrible things that Lady Dark has done during her existence in Eridania. But who knows how many wars she caused outside our world?
Divine Classification
Elder Demon
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Elder Demon of Chaos and Darkness,
Queen of Shadows,
Empress of Night,
Lady of Chaos,
Source of All the Evil,
The Dreaded,
Lady of Doom,
Enemy of Light,
Horsewoman of War,
The Shadow Woman,
The Profane,
Empress of Ancalys,
Director of the League of Darkness.
Year of Birth
13999988961 B. G. 14000000000 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born from the Primordial Shadows in the beginning of times
The space where the Earth is currently located.
Current Residence
Long, straight and black as night, with a single white stripe on the right side.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
90 kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Every language ever spoken in the Universe

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