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Beautiful landscapes, powerful kingdoms, cities filled with magic, eternal battles between the forces of good and evil. This is Eridania, a planet filled of magic and mysteries, created by the power of the goddess Ninfena.   The planet is filled with magical beings, such as dragons, fairies, elves, centaurs, mermaids, witches, sorcerers, nymphs, angels and many others. All these beings live scattered throughout the diverse kingdoms that make up the planet, and the union of the monarchs of these kingdoms forms the Elder Council, the most powerful organization of Eridania, led by the Guardians, descendants of the goddess Ninfena. The Council serves as a guide and protector of all peoples, resolving both internal and external conflicts, and aiming to maintain a just and peaceful world.   But all beauty hides shadows. A long war has been waged on the planet. A war that tainted the history of Eridania with tales of defeat, death and blood. On one side, the Elder Council, and on the other, the League of Darkness. A war to defend the freedom of the people against the demonic tyranny of Lady Dark.   Hope lies in an ancient prophecy, which speaks of the worthy heiress of the goddess Ninfena, the one who will be able to bear the divine power. Only then will Lady Dark finally be defeated, and peace will be restored to the planet.

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