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Shadow Harvesters

Guild of assassins mainly based in Neidr but has scattered resources on the other continents.


Night Bringer (Master of the whole guild on death a new is elected)   Silent Shadows (Leader of Regional HQ)   Assassins (Sent on important missions has access to lots of resources)   Thugs and Informants (Thugs are used for small scale hits often hired out for enforcers. informants are often shared with the thieves guild and know very little of the inner workings)

Public Agenda

To kill for those with money. To send more people unwillingly into the embrace of Mortris.


Their assets are extensive having informants in all the governments and organisations within Neidr. To kill for money has long since become unnecessary with how connected and wealthy the guild has become and now kills more out of tradition and principle willing to often spend more killing a target then they are getting paid for the job and creating many more rituals than the previously practical guild had during its founding years.


originally a small group of assassins who previously worked for various governments banded together to start and independent business completing mission strictly for the money but over the years as new leaders came to power and the old guard died out more and more rituals and beliefs started to take root among the members and a perverse form of worship towards the god Mortris became common the kills becoming a form of worship and sacrifice to the god of death. currently with the new colonies being developed on Aurora the guild is in a rush to get setup there and to expand their influence to all corners of the globe to kill for money and pleasure. They are responsible for the death of the Second Grey Watcher killing him after being contracted by the Skian Alliance and proving their effectiveness managing to kill the De facto most powerful man in the world.

The final gasp is the music of death

Guild, Assassins
Alternative Names
Assassin's Guild

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